Breakfast and Lunch Catering

Breakfast and lunch delivered to your office

Whether you’re feeding a team of 50 for breakfast baps or laying out a special lunchtime feast for directors booked into all-day meetings, our breakfast and lunch menus are deliciously crafted without breaking your food budget. We deliver directly to your office, and all orders come with disposable platters, plates and serviettes.

Breakfast selection

Breakfast Baps – £4.50pp

Choose from bacon, sausage or egg. Delivered individually wrapped, with sauce sachets.

Croissants – £4.00pp

Filled with cheese and tomato or cheese and ham. Delivered individually wrapped, with sauce sachets.

Pastries – £4.00pp

Enjoy a selection of danish pastries for a sweet start to the day, delivered individually wrapped.

Fruit cut platter – £2.00pp

Enjoy a selection of refreshing fruit on an easy-to-share platter.

Lunch selection

Essential Packed Lunch – £4.50pp

Freshly prepared wedged sandwich, a pack of walkers crisps, individually wrapped cake or biscuit and 330ml soft drink delivered in a lunch bag.

Sandwiches & wraps – £6.05pp

Our deli-fresh sandwiches and tortilla-wrap platters are ideal for team lunches. Served with salad or crisps as a side.

Team Hearty Lunch – £7.70pp

Assortment of sandwiches, pork and chorizo sausage rolls, savoury puff pastry wraps and cheese straws with Monterrey jack cheese and smoked paprika.

Team Vegetarian Lunch – £7.80

Assortment of vegetarian sandwiches, mini cheese and onion pies, vegetable samosas with yoghurt and mint and cheese straws with goat’s cheese and honey.

Team Tucker Lunch – £8.00pp

Assortment of meat, fish and vegetarian sandwiches, cocktail sausages with honey and grain mustard, mini tartlets and lemongrass chilli chicken skewers.

Meat Platter – £9.00pp

Enjoy a selection of continental meats, olives, onion chutney with the chef’s choice of fresh bread and rolls. Perfect for directors lunches.

Fish Platter – £9.00pp

Smoked salmon, prawns, peppered smoked mackerel served with beetroot and orange salad with a lemon mayo garnish. Who thought stocking up on omega-3 could be so tasty!

Cheese Platter – £9.00pp

A selection of blue, goats, soft and hard cheeses – perfect for a team of cheese lovers! Includes chefs choice of fresh bread and rolls.

Extra treats

Coffee and Cake – £5.00

Cake, per portion – £2.00

Salad selection – £2.00

Chefs choice of three seasonal salads.

Old favourites – £1.00

Tunnocks caramel wafers, snowballs, club biscuits and wagon whee

Fruit Bowl – £1.00

Dressed leaves – £1.00

Crisps  – £0.65

Biscuits – £0.50

How to order

Call: 023 8033 2226


Minimum spend of £30 for free delivery. No minimum delivery for regular customers.

All prices shown above are per person and served on disposable platters with serviettes and paper plates as standard. China serving dishes and plates can be provided for an additional £1 per person.

Did you know: Profits from your food order go back into community food projects across Southampton?

Contact our hospitality team

Call our hospitality team on 02380 33 22 26 to discuss your working lunch menu choice or fill out the contact form below to arrange a call back.